Which lay 120 kms from Eluru, 32 kms from Rajahmundry & 25kms from Kovvur, the place held a pleasant surprise for city dwellers. The famous temple of Sri Veerabhadra is picturesquely located on a hillock known as "Devakuta Parvatha" situated in the middle of the river Godavari. As per mythology, Veerabhadra is born out of the lock of Shiva's hair during his tandava performance on sighting his wife getting burnt in the fire of the yagna being conducted by Daksha, his father-in-law. Here we had to cross the river on board a crude motorboat to reach the temple. The backdrop of hillocks, the golden sand, undulating waters, the floral tips of wild grass waving in the cold breeze set the mood as we got ready for the visit to the ancient temple, considered to be one of the Panchakashi Kshetrams of the Shivaities, with a peaceful bent of mind. The temple with its beautiful Nandi, carved images of dancing delties on the walls does not disappoint the pilgrim. However, one fervently wishes that the renovation work were carried out in a manner which would have preserved the ancient façade of the temple without the same having been replaced with modernpainted.