Papikondalu are fast becoming the favourite destination for nature lovers, enjoys going on the weekend pleasure trip by luxarious boats on the river godavari, takes you into a different world where nature rules in all her glory, untouched by man. One can see the picture postcard prettiness of a hilly countryside patch worked with quaint little farms, a landscape dotted with tribal habitations and river banks densely forested with the timber reserves. Feel the crisp fresh air invigorate your senses and lose yourself in the scenic beauty of the hills and its environs. The pristine waterfall at the quaint village of Perantala Palli and Ashramam is very popular with tourists. Papi hills are three in number, very tall looks like a boundry wall in the middle of river godavari, dividing East, West and Khammam district, is a lovely place whose scenery resembles the scenery of Kashmir (North India). The beautiful scenery of Papi Hills, the waterfalls at Munivaatam, and the peaceful atmosphere at this tribal area give a pleasant look and peace to visitors, making it a special attraction for tourists. The idol of Shiva under serpent shade was installed in Munivaatam. The original name for this hill range was 'Papidi Kondalu'. Papidi is a rough translation for partition in Telugu. Since this range looks like a well designed partition that splits river Godavari, this name was coined. In due course, it settled for 'Papi Kondalu'.