Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

Antharvedi is located at a distance 100 kms from Rajahmundry and 65 Kms from Amalapuram.


Sage Vasista, after mingling the Goutami branch of the Godavari into the Sea, established his Ashram there. Lord Brahma, to get freed from the sins he had committed against Lord Sankara, performed Rudrayaga and installed Lord Neela kantheswara there. As that place was made a stage or "Vedik" to perform the Yaga, it was named as "ANTARVEDI". It is the place between the Vasishta river. After some time, Raktavilochana, the son of Hiranyaksha, did tremendous penance for ten thousand years on the banks of Vasishta river, to please Lord Siva and to get his grace. Lord sankara was very much pleased with his penance and appeared before him. He promised to bless him with Whatever he would desire. Raktavilochana asked him that the number of sand particles drenched by the blood drops falling from his body on to the ground at war, would produce equal number of Rakshasas as strong and vigorous as himself after and they would assist him at war and become one with him after killing all the enemies. Lord Sankara was astonished at the demon's uncommon desire, but as per the promise, being impressed of his penance had concerned to his desire. Then the rakshasas pride know no bounds. He started harassing the brahmins, the Gods, the saints and the cows and obstructed Yagas and Vedic-recitals.

Sage Viswamitra found opportunity to take Vengeance against sage Vasishta and provoke Rakta-vilochana to kill Vasishta's hundred sons in his absence. The Demon did so, causing an irreparable loss to Arundhati and Vasishta. Arundhati, Vasishta's wife, wept a lot for the death of her son and prayed to Vasishta who was then at Brahmaloka. The sage by his divine vision, could come to know of what all happened at this hermitage. He returned to his ashram and prayed for Lord Narasmiha's grace.

"Prahlada varadam Vishnum Nrusimham Paradivatam. Saranam Sarvalokaanaamaapannaarti Nivaaranam."

Then to save his devotees, Lord Nrusimha along with Goddess Lakshmi, Charioted on Garuda Vahana and appeared before Vasishta Lord Narahari blow the 'Panchajanya' inviting the demon to the war. Raktavilochana heard the thundering noise of the panchajanya and like a cyclone enveloped the Lord and engulfed him to fight with him. He shot all types of weapons at the Lord. Lord Narahari could attack and smash them with his only weapon the 'Sudarsana' the chakrayudh wounded the sensitive parts of the demon's body. As a result of which blood-shed took place. The soil particles drenched by the blood drops falling on to the ground from his body, produced equal number of demons as strong and vigorous as Raktavilochana. Demons having been thus generated, began hurting garuda who attached them in such a way that they could not with stand him. The demon-king saw this and throw his weapons one after another at Garuda which could not do any thing against him, as Lord Narahari destroyed them on the way with his Sudarana Chakrayudha.

In addition to that he created "Maya Sakthi" to manage stopping the fall of blood drops from Rakta Viliochana body to the ground. At last, after a tough fight with the demon, Lord Narahari killed by cutting his hand with chakrayudha, with the same Sudharsana chakra, he killed the demons also. Then the blood stopped by Maya Sakthi from falling on to the ground, was released by her as a reddish river, know as the "Raktakulya". This river can't be passed over even Bhetala and the devils. Maya sakti rode a horse, and so called as 'Aswarudhamba' or 'Gurralakka'. The place where the Lord after killing the demons washed his chakrayudha, become popular as chakrateertham. A dip at the place washed away all the sins. When the Lord wiped of the troubling demon, Vasishta expressed his desire of establishing his Holiness at his hermitage. The Lord was pleased to agree to fulfill his desire. Sage vasishta on an auspicious day, in the Presence of all Gods and angels with all Vedic formalities, erected Lord Narahari at Antaravedi all of them said their prayers to the Lord and sang his glory. Then the Lord told them about the significant greatness of the shrine in future. He described Antarvedi in many ways as the easiest means for achieving the ultimate Mukti.